rising in consciousness level within energy body
rising in consciousness level within energy body


Career Advice No One Gave Me: Give a Lot of Notice When You Quit (davidlaprade.github.io) | [💬 discussion]

Physicists discover that gravity can create light (phys.org) - Researchers have discovered that in the exotic conditions of the early universe, waves of gravity may have shaken space-time so hard that they spontaneously created radiation.

Simply Email Yourself From a Google Sheet (blog.bettersheets.co) | [💬 discussion] - I wanted to share with you one of the simplest apps scripts that has immense power. Email! You can email others, but you can also email yourself.


World’s largest battery maker announces major breakthrough in energy density (thedriven.io) - “A new era of universal electrification of sea, land and air transportation.” CATL announces new battery that doubles energy intensity.

Spinning Diagrams with CSS (x.st) - This article discusses using CSS to make spinning 3D diagrams.

Web Apps for Bots (core.telegram.org) | [💬 discussion]

All Quiet, an App for Incident Escalation and Collaboration (allquiet.app) | [💬 discussion] - We built All Quiet to make your incident escalation as soothing as yoga at the beach. Or a margarita at the beach. Whatever soothes you.


Null Island Is One of the Most Visited Places on Earth. Too Bad It Doesn’t Exist - Atlas Obscura (atlasobscura.com)

GuessTheGame - Your daily video game guessing puzzle! (guessthe.game) - Try to name the game shown in the screenshots in 6 guesses or less!

🎬 watch video | [📝 text-summary] (youtube.com) - E125: SpaceX launch, Fox News settlement, “Zombie-corn” exodus to AI, late-stage implosion

Chronophoto - Game (chronophoto.app) - Play the online game that tests your knowledge of pop culture and history. Simple and fun. Try to guess the year a picture was taken.

GitHub - Effective-Immediately/effective-immediately: Layoffs are hard. Help each other— Effective Immediately. Everything an employer, colleague, or job seeker can use for support after layoffs. (github.com) - A central hub for employers, employees, and people who’ve been recently laid off. We hope each of you can find helpful resources about handling or recovering from layoffs during a pandemic.

How Did the Chess Pieces Get Their Names? - Atlas Obscura (atlasobscura.com) | [💬 discussion] - One player’s pawn is another’s farmer. And at one time, the queen was the virgin, and rather powerless.

Space Elevator (neal.fun) | [💬 discussion] - Scrolling up will take you on a trip to Space while exploring the atmosphere and its many layers, past high-dwelling animals and cruising altitude for aircrafts and different types of clouds. There’s even a press play button for elevator music along the way as you ascend.

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